Hello September

September sneaked up on me. After the busiest summer of my life thus far, this new month jumped out from behind the corner and said “Boo!” I’m not upset at all since it means we are heading into my favorite season of the year.

We have finally settled into more of a routine. We started homeschooling back up again last week and we all gave a collective (if unconscious) sigh of relief to finally have some order in our lives again. The house remodel, selling the house, and moving really did a number on our lives over the last several months.

We have acquired a few more “pets” since we have moved to the country. A dozen beautiful laying hens joined us in August. They are very young and are just starting to lay. I had forgotten how much joy chickens bring me. It is like a treasure hunt every day going out to see who has laid an egg for the first time and learning everyone’s personalities.

And if you don’t think chickens have personalities, just go spend some time around a couple. We have some very sweet, docile hens, and several that are renegades and would rather roost in the trees and woods than sleep in the coop like all good civilized birds do. We had a wing trimming party not soon after we brought them home and that has helped a little bit.

We also brought home some ranch kitties last week. Nellie, and her kitten Tinkerbelle. Nellie has already let me know that she approves of her new home and has brought me a mouse as a gift and left it on the front porch where I would find it. After nearly stepping on a snake in the garage, I decided it was high time to get a cat or two to help patrol the premises.

We are relishing country life. It has been a dream come true for me to slip back into the way of life that shaped me growing up. Even though I have been gone for 10 years, slipping back into the rhythms and routines of a life that revolves around livestock, crops and the weather is like riding a bicycle. Watching my babies play, explore, and make memories in the same yard and house that I did at their ages has been so neat. We are ready to get moved into our new home, but our season in the farmhouse is sweet and I am savoring it.

My awesome helper ❤️
My butterfly and flower loving girl is in heaven.

I stand very thankful at the beginning of this new month. We have seen the Lord move for us in ways that we never imagined and we are in awe. I’ll be able to share everything soon, and I can’t wait to!


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